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Why a local Blue Mountains host is essential for your group
day tour

The UNESCO World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains is famous for its stunning natural beauty and unique cultural heritage. 

From the majestic cliffs and waterfalls to the ancient rock formations and the diverse flora and fauna, the Blue Mountains is a treasure trove of natural wonders. 

The Mountains are also rich in history and culture, which can be best experienced through the stories and perspectives of a local guide.

A local host in the Blue Mountains is essential for groups who want to learn about the history and be entertained by stories. 

A local host can provide a personal touch and unique insights that you won’t find in guidebook, as we share our own experiences and stories, and offer a perspective of local community.

We can provide context and meaning to places you visit, whilst navigating our history. 

From the journey of Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth in 1813, to the arrival of the steam train in the late 1860’s, leading to the growth of the tourism industry, each village and town along the highway have their own stories and character.

Engaging a local host in the Blue Mountains is essential for groups who wish to benefit from years of passion, knowledge, and study; maybe even discover a secret that only locals know.

Together as a group you will share a memorable experience, and even impress your friends with your newfound knowledge when you return home.

My name is Sue Collins, I am the owner and operator of Mountains Tales, based in Leura. 

I am a Blue Mountains host, guide, historian, and storyteller; who has a passion for sharing stories and delivering an amazing genuine experience.

Mountains Tales offer a tailored tour for the interests of your group, utilising local knowledge, your group will be engaged and entertained, ensuring the tour becomes a lasting memory for all.

So when is your group coming to the Blue Mountains? Call me on 0410 600 224, or check out our site

Join me on tour, and I’m sure you will fall in love with the Blue Mountains too. 

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