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Have you enjoyed a walking tour of Amsterdam or Chicago whilst on holiday? But never thought of doing a walking tour in Australia? Mountains Tales offers village walking tours of Blue Mountains Villages – Leura, Katoomba and Mt Victoria. Inviting you to discover that each village tells a unique story.

A Blue Mountains Village Historic Walking Tour is not just a stroll through picturesque streets. It’s a chance to meander through time unveiling, stories of our past. Each Mountains Tales tour is 2-hours, and 1.5km long, along council footpaths. Our Leura and Katoomba tours are accessible. But our Mt Victoria tour does include a stroll through the grassed area of Mt Victoria Memorial Park.

The stories told on our tours will transport you back to a simpler time. When the highlight of the year was to board the steam train to the mountains. Our villages would not exist as we know them today, without the 1868 development of the Western Railway Line.


Embark on The Leura Story Walking Tour. Delving into the origins of the village as a sought-after escape for Sydneysiders in search of solace from city life and a chance to immerse themselves in the refreshing mountain air. Why has the village remained in a Federation era time-warp, – if these walls could talk!


Explore the transformation of a coal mining village into the Honeymoon Capital of Australia with The Katoomba Story Walking Tour. Meander through iconic landmarks as we journey from the Victorian era to the vibrant Roaring 20s. What were people doing and seeing when they holidayed in Katoomba?


Embark on The Mount Victoria Story Walking Tour. Where we journey back to colonial times to uncover the origins of the village. Listen to the stories of holidaymakers who travelled by steam train to the “Top of the Mountain” to relish the crisp air and scenic mountain views. Witness the village’s growth and prosperity during the Victorian and Edwardian periods leading up to the Great War.

Mountains Tales walking tours through Blue Mountains villages is an exploration of social history, as we understand the fabric of community life and events of the day. By joining a Mountains Tales tour, you become an active participant in the ongoing story of the Blue Mountains villages, contributing to the evolving history that unfolds with each passing day.

Our tours are an opportunity to slow down, breathe in the mountain air, have a laugh and appreciate the stories embedded in the mountain landscape.

So, book your tour, lace up your walking shoes, and join Mountains Tales as we set out on a journey through the Blue Mountains villages – where every step is a stride through history.

Walking tour the Leura Story

Walking Through the History of Blue Mountains Villages

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